Why buy A FERRARI?

By Alton Hill
If you had the choice, would you rather have a Ferrari or a Kia? If you would rather have a Kia, you haven’t considered the question long enough. Believe it or not, Ferrari offers a 12 year warranty! And I thought Kias 10 yr 100K mi warranty was good! But let’s be honest, the warranty is not why someone would want a Ferrari. 


There are other cars on the market that come in red. There are other cars as fast. There are other cars that come with fancy butterfly doors. There are other cars that cost less, and cars that hold many more people. 99% of cars on the market cost much less that most Ferraris. But yet people still buy them. Here are a couple reasons that I think people buy a Ferrari.


It’s an Asset


Believe it or not, many Ferraris increase in value! Now there are several reasons why this happens, but the point is, that there’s a chance if you spend $250,000 over the years to come, it will actually be worth more money! Now of course there will be maintenance and costs associated with ownership and driving this awesome machine. But of course you’re going to drive it. You know that this is something special, and it’s hard to find something as special as a Ferrari, and so while they are very expensive… it doesn’t mean you’ll lose money!


It has Value


It’s true that Ferraris are expensive. But they do have a huge value. When you add up everything you're getting with a Ferrari, the list is very long. Italian design provides some stunning looks! Performance that has always led the pack! Hand crafted interiors ensure every piece is properly placed. The list goes on, but the point is, that Kia will get you from place to place, but that’s the only value it provides. 


The Perfect Blend of Art and Engineering

At the end of the day, I think this is really the huge selling point. It’s the perfect blend of form and function. You could put a Ferrari in an art museum. But that’s not where it belongs. It’s made and bred on the race track. They’re made to drive. It doesn’t matter what Ferrari it is, from the Enzo to the F430s, they’re all beautiful and super fast! 


If you want the best for your business, be sure you’re getting form and function… art and engineering. A beautiful site is nice. One that works is nice. One that has a beautiful outside with a properly functioning design on the inside is what you really want.

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