How much does a website cost?

Simple question, but more than that, we want you to know...

1. The User Experience

  • Layout

  • Colors

  • Ease of Navigation​​

2. Cost of Ownership

  • Ease of Updates

  • Security

  • Management & Fees

3. Search Engine Optimization

  • Ability to be found in a Google web search

  • Ability to be found in Google Map search

  • Amount In-bound and inter-site links

  • Readability

4. Integration to other Applications

  • Ability to integrate with your inventory software

  • Integration with scheduling software

  • Connection with Google Analytics and Adwords

  • Ability to sell products and process payments

  • Ability to integrate with any other software or program​

What makes our websiteS VALUABLE?

The best way to start on a budget is with our Basic Website. Have a great place on the web for you to direct your clients to.



  • Mobile compatible design

  • Up to 5 pages

  • Utilize your content

  • Ensure it meets readability standards for Google

  • Secure

  • Ability to make simple updates easily

Having a professional designer create your website for a nominal fee is much better than attempting it yourself. Often we take on clients that are tired of trying to do it themselves, or are not happy with their finished product.


Remember that paying a developer to perform updates can easily cause an “inexpensive” website cost much more in the first year than the “original” price. Save money in the long run by making a good investment up front. 

Need more pages, SEO, online sales, or integrations with POC or other apps? We are happy to provide a specific quote for you once we understand the details of your needs.


We also offer a small business package that integrates items from 1-4 from above and also includes logo design, business card design, and your choice of marketing material design (flyers, FB ad, etc)

We start with a meeting either online or in person to gain an understanding of what your unique business needs are. Once we understand this, we'll make a proposal of what the website will need to look like. We'll discuss things like web hosting platforms, how many pages, and other functionality that will benefit your business.


Once an agreement has been met, and a 50% down payment has been made, we'll begin designing the home page. During this process we at HEATHER hill DESIGN and the client will be in close discussion, ensuring that we're moving in the desired direction. After we are happy with the home page design, well begin creating the other pages. The other pages will need content. We can generate this content, but since no one knows your business more than you, we recommend it come from you. Also, we'll need to consider what pictures and media are desired to make your site look the best it can. 

Once the website is ready, we'll go live. This is an exciting time where we really can begin to promote your business. 

After your website is live, we can continue to maintain it, or we can create instructions for you to update and maintain it yourself. It's important to keep your website up to date, regardless of who is maintaining it.





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Landing Page