Evolution of a Logo

By Alton Hill
Let’s take a look at how we develop a logo. Generally someone comes to us with something in mind… something they’ve drawn out on a napkin or something they’ve put together in a word processor. It’s a great spring board to start from to get to the final destination.
Here is one example of a starting point.

Not a bad start, but you can see the pixelation, especially in the sun rays. Also, we noted to the client, that while this font may be ok when it's large, it would become muted and hard to see any detail if they wanted to shrink the logo down. Especially if they planned to have small stickers at some point on their produce.

We worked a little with the colors and the fonts and of course created a vectorized version for him so that scale won’t be an issue for him.


You can see that the final logo overall has similar content and alignment per the clients instructions, but the details have been updated to give it a much more professional appearance.

The name Beulah is very important to the client and therefore he wanted it to be the main focus. The finalized logo still maintains a strong font, but you can see the name “BEULAH” in the logo stands out much more than anything else. 


At the end of the day, details make the different between a good logo and an average one. If you’re considering a new logo or a replacement for your current design, please let us know how we can be of service here at HEATHER hill DESIGN.

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