If you are launching a business, you know it needs a


More than that though, you need web presence.

What is web presence?

It's continuity of your brand across the internet.

The problem is, WHO do you trust to represent your business properly?
We will provide EXACTLY what you need to help monetize your ideas.

AT HEATHER HILL DESIGN, It is our business to help your business

So many


We want to save you, the new business owner the time and headache of running around trying to find someone to make a logo, then spending time looking for a web developer, then spend time finding a printer, and someone to help with marketing… plus all that overhead!
You should focus on what you are great at, and let us provide the digital presence you need. Whether you're wanting help with a website, or ads on Facebook or Google we'll get your business the visibility it needs to generate more revenue.

some small business owners try to build a website themselves or get their friend to do it.

While that seems like a good idea to save money, we've spoken to many who have tried that route that ultimately come to us for help. It's better to get it right from the start, so that your business can take off! The story we hear is that people wish they would have done it right from the beginning instead of looking back at all the time wasted with an underperforming website.


There’re a lot of people that can put up a website; but not all can design a website that looks great, and works for your company like an employee would!


Keep in mind, a website is just a website. But designing web presence takes much more. We will provide maximum value. A smart entrepreneur knows that there are some things that should be delegated. 

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HEATHER hill DESIGN will help get your business pointed in the right direction so you have the greatest potential to succeed!

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