How does the world see you?

By Alton Hill
Do you have a small business or an idea you’re trying to get off the ground? Everyone says not to judge a book by it’s cover but the truth is everyone does. If you went to all the work of writing a book, wouldn’t you be sure to put a great cover on it? The same applies to your business identity. 


I heard a successful businessman say one time, “If you want to sell a romance novel, all you have to do is get a picture on the cover with Fabio holding some woman!” Statistically, if Fabio is on the cover, romance novels sell. The truth is that if you want people to buy your book, you must put a cover on it that is pleasing to look at, creates response, and has great title. 


How does this translate to the business world? Great design communicates validity and purpose of your company. In the small business world, many companies don’t put the investment into branding for their company. Many in the small business world operate with a scarcity mindset. The web is full of companies who haven’t bothered to get a proper logo or website. Many don’t even have business cards that match their website.


What this causes in your customers is lack of congruence. What that basically means is that you shouldn’t have your cousin build your website and then have printers print your business cards. When they don’t match it shows that you didn’t put the effort into ensuring that your company sends  a unified message. When you’re not sending a unified message, it can create distrust in your brand.


Now many may not see why that is important. Let’s say for instance, you’re looking for some type of service in your town. You google for a good plumber for instance. If you sort through the top 5 results, and only one has a well designed website, that’s easy to read and find contact info…which do you think you’ll call? 

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